Get Physical!

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Distance sucks.
18 ~ Fitness Is My Life ~ Soon to be cosmetologist (hair) ~ Class of 2014 ~ Getting through these days one step at a time :)

I need a Ipad 2nd generation or HIGHER for the cosmetology program.. any suggestions? 

It was freezing so I turned it off and then on, then I heard the whoosh noise and it sent like 5texts to some friends including my SO… it was a long message I sent this morning and I dont think he even got it this morning which I didn’t mind because I kinda poured myself out to him… so embarrassing, and im sorry to my friends who I texted over and over !!!

I’m not sure if its good or bad… but just something is everything to me..


my dash


I’m attending community college and a little short on the fee I have to pay for my Cosmetology class :( this is a scholarship I tried hard on!!! I just need YOUR vote!!! please!!