Yours Truly

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(via bohemian--mermaid)

He takes me out on wonderful dates, he actualy cares about my feelings, he watches out for me and worries about me. He says he will never hurt me and he will always, always protect me. I laugh around him, laugh till I am in tears, And I blushe around him when he compliments the little things like my eyes or the way I do something. It’s been only a week since we made it official, but we met when I was in middle school (7ish years ago) and just recently reconnected, It feel like I’ve known him my whole life and we’ve been together for years. We talk about moving in with each other, just for fun, because I plan on moving out for college and working my butt off. He says he doesn’t want to leave me and that he feels like the luckiest man on earth. I feel the same about him. I opened up to him so fast when we reconnected last week, It scared me because I didn’t want to get close to anyone, I didn’t want to like someone so much, I just wanted to have fun and goof around and mess around. He comes over after work, just to hangout for a couple of hours, to have me with him, for company, to give back massages when he has a bad day, and just to relax and be at peace. He tells me how he’d love this every day after work, to come home and I am there to greet him with one of my smiles. I can’t tell you how I feel because I do not know myself, I feel like i am on cloud9, But my ex is still on my mind, only because we ended on such bad terms, He called me a cheater, thinking I cheated on him with my bf, I didn’t though, me ex brokeup with me over text. 

I feel so lucky 

while I was dating him, this guy, always said my bf would hurt me, my bf will break my heart and I will need someone to be there for me. he promised me he would be there, that I can count on him.. now that im single and he was right, I haven’t seen or hungout with him, im starting to feel like I have been tricked. 

I hate you but at the same time I love you, I am trying to move on by having as much fun as I can and doing what ever the fuck I want without having to worry about what you will think.. but at the same time I want you to hold me and tell me it will all pass and everything will be ok. But no, fuck you , I loved you


I like you.
I fucking like you. You make everything seem okay. You make me smile and make me happy.
Even if I told you this, it wouldn’t make a difference. You don’t feel the same way, so there’s no point.