Yours Truly

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18, Female if you haven't noticed, DECA, Senior at CHS. Ask away or send me a quick message :)

while I was dating him, this guy, always said my bf would hurt me, my bf will break my heart and I will need someone to be there for me. he promised me he would be there, that I can count on him.. now that im single and he was right, I haven’t seen or hungout with him, im starting to feel like I have been tricked. 

I hate you but at the same time I love you, I am trying to move on by having as much fun as I can and doing what ever the fuck I want without having to worry about what you will think.. but at the same time I want you to hold me and tell me it will all pass and everything will be ok. But no, fuck you , I loved you


I like you.
I fucking like you. You make everything seem okay. You make me smile and make me happy.
Even if I told you this, it wouldn’t make a difference. You don’t feel the same way, so there’s no point.